Monday, August 11, 2014

Value, Accounting, Blessing

The topic of what is value was brought up in Sunday School yesterday. I began to think about what I value and about how what I chose to spend my time doing shows what I value. Ouch!

When I returned home from my wonderful summer trip I was pretty much a useless slug for a few days. I still struggle to get back on track in a few areas. I have not redeemed the days of summer with productive work. I began to feel as though I was floundering and flopping. Then I began to make a list of what I have done: laundry has been done, we have eaten every day, swim team practice drop off and pick up, Benjamin took two weeks of swimming lessons, baseball games were attended, I took Levi and Elisabeth to camp, groceries have been gathered, garden has been weeded (thanks to help from my Mom), Driver's Ed has been completed, a license has been issued, and a few other things. Honestly, this list is not too shabby.

I posted on Saturday that I was in the process of  clearing, purging and reorganizing the school closet and shelves. My oldest three made homemade pizza dough and sauce and made wonderful yummy pizzas for our Saturday evening dinner while I kept on with the purging.
I did not complete the job on Saturday, I left a crazy mess to continue with on Sunday afternoon but  I needed sleep more than I needed to finish in one day. Sunday morning comes early and I didn't want to sleep through Sunday School.
I began this post looking at this whole past month as a month of struggle but as I wrote it all out, I saw the blessings, I saw the life I have been living, I felt defeated when I began but finished feeling beyond blessed. Once I began to get the words down on paper I ended up seeing the blessings, the accomplishments and the joy.
I may begin writing more posts on paper first because this post is nothing like the original draft. Thankfulness from counting the blessings.

An after photo, I still have a few things to do but the big clean out and purge has been completed. Now for the curriculum to arrive so we can start school.

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  1. I know it's hard sometimes to see all we do, and it sounds like you sure did get a lot done. :)