Thursday, August 14, 2014


The summer of 2014 could be called the summer of rain. Rain is a good thing but there is such a thing a too much of a good thing. The temps have been crazy mild and the garden has been stunted greatly.

Usually by the beginning of August I am canning beans every few days. We do not even have enough beans matured for a good meal let alone canning. The past week and a half has been sunny and warm for the most part and it is helping. I just pray we have enough time to get some beans mature enough for canning.

The first two tomatoes to turn on the vine. We usually have tomatoes from mid-July on but not this summer.

A wonderful, pleasant surprise. I walked out to the garden to take a quick bean pic for this post and I saw a couple of good sized beans! Praise the Lord! The sunshine is doing some growing. 


  1. We have had more rain this year than anyone, even long time residents, can remember. I honestly feel like we live in the midwest with all the rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. It is really weird this year.

  2. Our garden has been the same way.