Thursday, May 22, 2014

Randomness from a Wednesday

Judith received her swim-a-thon prizes. I love the saying on the water bottle, Too fast to freeze. That's a good one . 

Our baseball game was the second game, supposed to begin at 8:30 but ended up twenty minutes late waiting for Blue (Umpire). 
I felt bad for those public school players because they are still in school. It's 8:20am Thursday morning as I type this and all are still asleep, even Benjamin. I would be asleep but the dog woke me up to go out. She was kind and slept in one hour longer than normal.

The sun at 10:06 pm, we are in that lovely period of no darkness. Now, if the wind would blow the cool weather out. I had on two light weight jackets and Judith was wearing a jacket and covered with a fleece blanket. 

Benjamin crashed on the way home. 

Today we are off to the End of Year cookout with our home school program and hopefully next week will not have as many day time items on the calendar. I am looking forward to at home summer days. 

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