Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend Trip

Elisabeth took a quick trip to the lower 48 for my sister's wedding. 
Here we are all fresh and untraveled.

Elisabeth eating a Cinnabon cinnamon roll in an airport. We always enjoy eating things we cannot get at home. 

We made it to Kentucky and had lunch.

After lunch we drove to the old hometown and I brushed my teeth and hit the ground to the reception hall to help out there. After accessing what needed doing I took Elisabeth to my in laws house while I worked. It is handy having three sets of Grands in the same small town. 

Grace(hi, Grace, I love you!!!) and Elisabeth at rehersal dinner.

Elisabeth on Saturday morning, she developed a stuffy nose while flying so she was having some hot tea. 

At the wedding.

My niece was adorable as flower girl, she smelled every flower in the bouquet. I admit to
watching her the whole ceremony. So cute. 

The Bride and Groom

Elisabeth and my Dad at breakfast Sunday morning before we left out for the airport to head home.

Cousins at breakfast

Elisabeth trying on a Kentucky hat in the airport. And we headed home. 

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