Monday, February 24, 2014


Being five in a family of older siblings must be challenging at times. First of all, the five year old often forgets he is five and attempts, often very successfully, to keep up with older siblings. Secondly, when everyone is busy with school work there is no one to help occupy the time. Thirdly, Mom is not okay with a five year old being occupied with television and other screens Fourthly, well, sometimes older siblings help out too much and our little guy isn't all that independent. And that is okay, he is growing up, learning and living a very happy and healthy life. Lastly, sometimes you have to drag out a game and play with Mom.

This afternoon, while all the older Blessings were busy with school work, Benjamin drug out Bowling Bunnies after a series of no answers to screen options. And we played and counted knocked over bunnies, added up scores (he won, by the way), and just had a good ole time playing a game. The time was passed and school work could move forward.

Photo taken from Amazon website because well, I just wasn't leaving the moment to go get my phone to take a picture.

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