Sunday, February 16, 2014

Family Moments

The Alaska Board of Game meets this week in Fairbanks. My husband, Levi and Elisabeth gave testimony regarding a youth sheep hunt proposal, my husband also gave his opinions on a few other proposals as well but the main objective was the youth sheep hunt.
Levi and Elisabeth did a superb job speaking and responding to questions asked by the board members. The fact that they came to testify impressed the board members. We were the only family there and they were the only children there. One man even followed us out into the hallway as we were leaving to go to church to let us know he has been lobbying for youth hunts and thanked my husband for bringing the kiddos in to speak.
The principal said Levi and Elisabeth get some school credit for their experience.


  1. What a great sounding experience.

  2. You already know this....but I just think your kids rock!