Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today was BLAH!

Edited 9/19/13

The treadmill slept through our appointment, okay, okay I slept through my alarm so no treadmill today. BUT, I am getting to bed sooner so someday the wake up time should get earlier. Don'tcha think? 

Until I looked at these pictures. Clay is our art for the year and Judith made this little clay guy today. He is cute.
I am completely exhausted. Tomorrow I will begin my day with exercise and essential oils. The mood has to change for reals because it's only September and I feel as though it is April.
So, this weekend I reset, plan a little better and spend Monday with my local support group.


  1. Cute guy! I'm draggy too this year for some reason. Try peppermint oil dabbed behind your ear and on your wrists. Wakes me up.

  2. Those guys are cute. I hope you start getting the exercise that you want.