Monday, September 2, 2013

Finish line for phase one

Phase one of painting is close to completion. My girls have stepped up and been super trooper painting help, they are good preppers and painters. They helped take off outlet covers and nails and screws from the wall and patched nail holes and scratched places on the dry wall. They also painted. We enjoyed watching a series I introduced the girls to to help pass the time. Tonight I had a friend come over and we worked until late getting the final coat on the walls and trim work.
Monday I will inspect and we will begin cleaning and putting the room back together along with some trim touch up. I also have to paint two doors after everyone goes to bed Monday night. The room should be ready for school on Tuesday morning.
I have added random pictures of the weekend.
Benjamin at the paint store, falafel for lunch, various pictures of the process.


  1. Where did ya get falafel?

  2. If we get moved, we will be painting up a storm, too. Some people love to paint, I am not one of them!!!

  3. Oh, I like the bright color, so nice. Glad it's going well for you.