Sunday, October 7, 2012

Menu Tomorrow

I have a menu written out but Judith had an ear ache come back and that took precedent over posting the menu.
Judith and I will head into the doctor first thing tomorrow morning and get her checked out.  This cold just keeps hanging on. So far, Daddy, Levi, Judith and Benjamin have come down with this cold. Elisabeth and I keep taking our immune system boosters in hopes that we do not get this cold.


  1. Oh dear. I hope she is better. I'd be curious to know if they treat an ear infection. Doctors here are not treating them, even if the eardrum is bright red and bulging. Seems in Europe they don't treat them either and it seems to work out.

  2. They do treat them here still, I normally wait to take my crew in but she was in horrible pain (after maxing out on ibuprofen)on top of having a cold for a week. So, we took the antibiotic and are now home with one dose in and ibuprofen for the pain. We lost our ear oil and I usually go that route first as I do believe in letting the body do its work.

  3. Sorry she is sick, and I hope the antibiotics help her feel better. :)