Thursday, November 10, 2016


After voting on Tuesday morning I was driving into town for a meeting when I saw what looked like a rainbow, in November, in Alaska. I didn't think it could be, but it was. A rainbow. In November. In Alaska. 
I was shocked, I was amazed. Then I rejoiced and I praised God who sent a reminder that He NEVER leaves us and He keeps His promises.
What started out as a dreary day ended up quite a good day because I had a reminder of what is important, what is real and what is true and what is just.

One thing this election year yielded was an interest in what is going on in Our Country by my teens. They actually seemed more interested in the results than the adults in the house on Tuesday night. Our oldest Blessing also voted for the first time, what is up with that? Time moves on, quite quickly I do say. I didn't even take his picture at our polling place.


  1. This was a very strange election. Our oldest voted for the first time as well. Next election all my children will be old enough to vote. That is hard to believe!

  2. Paulie, our youngest voted for the first time and was completely into the whole election. It was great to watch.

    I see your snow, and it's hard for me to remember its winter. We are unusually warm here, and don't have any snow yet. I'm sure it will be coming soon. :)