Thursday, July 14, 2016

Things Never Go As Planned

Things never go as planned... 
and that's okay. Actually, that is life. 

When I looked ahead to summer I thought of all of the cleaning, organizing, books I planned on reading, swing setting while Benjamin played in the yard, chair sitting while Benjamin played at the lake, gardening, etc. You get picture. My summer book list has only one book marked off, and that is okay. I can read in the winter. 

I also haven't done much swing setting or lake sitting until this week because the weather and/or schedule haven't agreed with each other. This week has been a scorcher. The airport recorded 100 degrees yesterday. Now that is crazy hot! 
We went to Benjamin's friend's soccer game tonight, yes we chose a hot night for soccer watching. At 7:15 the temperature was 91 degrees. 

Benjamin loved his time at the lake. 

Even though I have not accomplished everything on my summer expectation list much as been done and we have had some relaxing days at home as well. 

We have a few salmon in the freezer, the man will have to go again to get us set for the winter. 

Tuesday when we went to the lake I got a little too much sun. Since I am avoiding all sunscreen today I had to use a hat, clothing and an umbrella to protect the parts that were over exposed on Tuesday. 

Even though things have not happened to my expectations the summer has been a good one and most days are productive days. 


  1. Amen, they take on a life of their own! Your hot summer really surprises me, but then I guess you had a mild winter, too. We always pay for our mild winters. :)
    I could spend all day every day cleaning and the house would still be dirty where I started! At least that is how I feel, so I don't clean in the summer until we have people coming over or it gets on my nerves. I get dinner cooked, laundry done, clutter controlled, bathrooms reasonably clean. That is my summer plan.
    I am glad your summer is mostly good and productive. When do you start school?

  2. Since Fairbanks has a tendency to have hot spells, do you guys have air conditioning? What do you do when it's so hot out? We've found it hard to cool the house down during warm weeks like the one we're in right now.

    1. We do not have air conditioning. After living in our home for 21 years I have learned how to keep it as cool as possible by opening windows using ceiling and box fans and closing blinds at certain times of the day. And our home is well insulated

    2. If it gets too hot we go to the lake or to the air conditioned library or a store.