Thursday, October 6, 2016

Expectations, we all have them. Benjamin has expectations that are very different from mine. 
Benjamin asked to build things using cardboard this school year. Things like the Eiffel Tower. My expectations include lots of tedious work, measuring, cutting, gluing, painting; this means projects may not even get started because I may never begin due to expectations.  Benjamin just wants some cardboard and scotch tape. I'm learning to go with his expectations. 

This week we are "rowing" The Giraffe That Walked to Paris. Benjamin is enjoying the blank hardback book we are filling with information we are learning from the books we are reading. 
He plans on selling copies of his book in his Lego store when he is grown up. 

Then he asked to build something so we went with the Egyptian pyramids. 

My expectation was that this would take a long time. No it did not. In just a few minutes he had cut out the sides and they were glued down. A little scotch tape and he is happy and has moved on to Legos or other such fun thing. 

Benjamin is learning geography, history, art appreciation, language arts and much more and Mom is learning to go with the flow, let go and let a seven year old's expectations become mine because his expectations are pretty easy. 


  1. Brings back some fond memories of Five in a Row!

  2. And being the baby, they usually have the easiest dispositions, so I can see how he was content with tape and paper! :)

  3. All of the sudden, it seems, that boy looks very much like his brother when I first met him!