Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why Our Teens Do Not Have A Curfew

Yes, you read that title correctly. Our teens have no curfew. Life for us just does not fit inside of a box and curfews just create a boxing in of sorts. 
Curfews seem to create a sense of being out just to be out until curfew. Make sense? 

Our approach is to assess each outing as it comes. If our teens are out at a friend's house for a game night then they are probably going to get a later time to be home than a set curfew would allow. 

Our teens attended a movie with friends, on a school night even, they ended up going to a 10:00ish movie due to schedules and such. We agreed to the later time and they went to the movie.  We survived and so did they. 

Just this past weekend the teens stayed in town after the Sunday evening service to wait for one of their friends to arrive home from college. That late night trip to the airport will be a long held memory for all involved. But, they didn't just stay in town, they were at the home of a friend playing games and apparently eating cereal. 

I dare say parenting isn't about a to do checklist. Every day is different, every child is different. 

I personally am not a fan of teens just going out with no plan or place to be because it is Friday night. I lean more toward going about life with a purpose or plan. We are also blessed with great families to host the group our teens spend time with. Even if that plan is just game night with friends, it is a plan. 


  1. We do the same. I have never once even thought of giving a curfew! Funny now that I think of it.

  2. That gives me a lot to think about...