Saturday, May 7, 2016

State Conference, Mom Weekend, Ravi Zacharias

A friend organized a trip to the state homeschool conference in Anchorage. All I had to do was pack and bring money, ya can't beat that. 

We realized it must be summer because road construction has begun on our Alaska highways. 

We happened upon a tiny house on display so we toured and took a selfie. 

Trips to Anchorage mean eating in restaurants we do not have in Fairbanks. How about Texas Roadhouse with anAlaskan  twist? Great service by the way. 

I left with two to go cups, one water and one tea. 

Anchorage has a great homeschool store with exceptional service. Love Chickabiddy Books! 

After closing down the store we went back to the hotel to research what we needed because we were going back the next day to complete our shopping. 

We hung around for the Sunday not going service at a church in Anchorage because Ravi Zacharias was speaking there. I am so glad we did. 

Then we loaded all of our stuff into the car and headed home. Looks like we did some shopping while there. ☺️

We saw Denali on the way home(right under the cloud). I also bought a selfie stick which came in handy for Denali pictures. 

I had no idea how much I needed this trip until I was on this trip. I was in great need of Mom refreshment.  


  1. A beautiful way to get mom refreshed.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hooray for mom refreshment! Texas Roadhouse is my favorite. Beautiful photos!