Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend With Friends

One thing I rarely make time to do is spend more than a few hours with friends while we are traveling. Last summer when I spent a week with friends for a wedding I knew I had to attempt a weekend trip to see the Bestie. I got a bonus as two more friends came too!!!!

The road trip selfie. Okay, selfies have their place and I enjoy these family memories. 

Michelle and I only met face to face last summer but she is a true kindred spirit and forever friend. Michelle flew up from Florida to spend the week with Patti and  the weekend with with us. 

Patti has been my forever friend since high school and she is the common factor between Michelle and I. 

Patti, Kim and I went to high school together. So thankful for these forever friends. 
After our initial meeting at the house we went to Texas Roadhouse to meet more people we love. 

The rest of Saturday was shopping and food, games and lots of talking and laughing amongst ourselves and with our kids. 

Sunday we went to a mountain and enjoyed the sights of the mountains and the fall leaves are becoming more brilliant every day. 

A wooly worm. 

More friend pictures

Benjamin and I playing Yahtzee

Dinner time

Bella liked Levi

Sitting outside after dinner

The Alaska girl was cold. 

And ending with a collage

I am thankful for these frindships and the times together. 

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