Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall in Appalachia

One of the big to do items on my list was to take the tour of Gap Cave in the Cumberland Gap National Park because Benjamin is going to have a lesson on caves in science. 

The Cumberland Gap is right here folks, see the gap? Yeah, I grew up here. 

My Mom did the cave tour with us, here we are

Later that same week my cousin and her kids came to visit us and we went back to the CGNP with them, this time to the Pinnacle. 
Two kiddos standing in two states at one time. 

Four big kids standing in two states at once. 

We had dinner at a friend's home and they had s'mores. 

Then I picked my husband up at the airport and our trip seemed to fly by. More to come, until then...

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  1. Such fun memories you are making with your precious ones.