Friday, September 25, 2015

Where Am I?

I began my journey on plan with Trim Healthy Mama on January 5, 2015. THM was not a New Year's Resolution, THM was a life change for me. 

God has given me really great friends throughout my life. Tonight I hosted our Mom's Night Out in our home. There are many ladies that ebb and flow through the MNO group but there is the core and that core of women is becoming such an integral part of my life. You see, these are friends I have made all on my own, I began with paths crossing with one of the group and going to Mom's Night Out all by myself, a very big deal for me. You see these are now my people, we share the common bond of loving God, family and home educating our blessings. I have prayed and waited for years for these ladies, I knew they were out there I just had to wait until God brought us all together, in His time. 

Tonight we lingered longer than the other attendees and we got to talk about life and THM. Which brings me to the reason for this post. I was asked how I stay on plan. That was a difficult question to answer. The short answer is that I stay on plan because on plan works, the weight goes away and I feel energetic, I feel human. 
The question also made me realize that I need to share more about my journey with THM on this old blog. So here goes: 

I journaled this on January 15, 2015. Ten days on plan. Journal entry in italics.

On December 28, 2015 I had had enough. I was ready to make a change-to take control of the weight that has controlled me far too long. 

I had known about THM for quite a while now. I had done a little research but never read the book. I dismissed THM as too restrictive for me. Over moths and years I kept seeing the occasional success story on Facebook. All the while I started gaining weight. Something I really had not done for quite a while. 

I guess I had to hit my rock bottom, which would really be a weight high, when I decided to get serious, buy the book and give this a go. 

I ordered my book the night of December 28 and waited. Also, the night I decided to go for this I texted a friend who had the book but had not started yet and told her I was ready. She and another friend had just been talking of this book that day and thus began my journey with THM with a support system from the start. 

Oh, yeah, I gave up sugar. I cannot believe that at all. 

This picture is from July 2014 while in Ohio with two of my besties, I am the one in the black shirt. The bottom picture is me in August trying on jeans  at Old Navy. 


  1. WooHoo!!! Congratulations Melissa! You look wonderful! I was just thinking about you the other night as I'm on my own weight-loss journey. Keep up the good work of staying healthy & fit. I'm not on THM, but doing what works for me. I have a long ways to go yet, but hope to have be able to share like you in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You look great!! I just got the new cookbook. It is so full of ideas. I need some time to sit down and plan my attack!