Tuesday, September 8, 2015

E is for Effort

Yes, I said effort. I must make an effort to play games with my six year old. Movies and screen games are easy because they do not require Mom involvement. There I said it, I mentioned the elephant in the room. Now that I upgraded to a new phone we reset my old phone so Benjamin could have a mobile device for a couple of games for fun. We also have movies and internet access for movies and games, ya know, typical American home kind of stuff. Only, we are not typical Americans. Well, we weren't. I honestly enjoy my smartphone for the sheer convenience of checking email and social media and communication with other humans and music and so on. But, I notice that more times than not we sit around viewing screens way too much. 
Today I choose games on a Sunday afternoon between church services instead of knitting or a nap. I know I made a good choice. 

1 comment:

  1. Guilty here, too. I have to make myself play games, which is sad. We always end up having a lot of fun.