Friday, June 6, 2014

Thursday and Friday. Wow, I Come Up With Original Titles

This picture was actually from Wednesday night. He makes many people laugh with his sign. 

Thursday I finally left the house for something besides a baseball game. We spent the afternoon with friends, this is George and I taking an "us"ie. I crack myself up. Oh, this young man isn't really named George but that is what I call him from the old Looney Tunes cartoon. Ya know, I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Yea, I have been calling him George since he was about five or six.

The sky in the way home from an afternoon with friends. I was not driving because you know, I get chauffeured now. 

Friday morning called for a big kick off the weekend breakfast. Bacon, biscuits, gravy, hashbrowns and eggs. 

I am spending the afternoon and turning I to early evening deep cleaning kitchen cabinets. When I finish here in a bit, I will be half way finished with the upper cabinets. I clearing the tops and cleaning canning jars and the top of the cabinets, cleaning the exterior of the cabinets, clearing out the cabinets and cleaning inside and getting rid of anything old, broken or unused. 

A cleared, cleaned and back together cabinet. The empty spot is where we keep the sugar but the container just doesn't work well so I am changing containers. 

Judith is making pizza dough and then we will
be having make your own mini pizza night and movie night. 
Good night!

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  1. Sounds like some great times. I love the reason for the nickname George. :)