Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clearing Out

Back in the day, as in back in the early blog/website days, there was a lot of talk about home keeping journals. Lots of free printables and ideas and information were out there for the viewing and printing. Like many other well meaning home keepers I got myself a three ring binder and started filling it with checklists 
and planning sheets and other home making information. And so it has sat unused for many years. Disclaimer: I did use my book for many years and then I stopped. 
A picture of my book before purging, yes, I purged the book. 

Out of all the pages I only kept seven pages of information. 

I have started using a bullet journal and am working on a post about mine and the overall system. I do not think I will go back to a premade planner again, ever. I do not even plan on purchasing a Well-Planned Day school planner and I love those things. 


  1. I have a household notebook, somewhere! I guess we live and learn what works and then we don't need every paper we print out.

  2. We all do something different and have to find what works for us. Glad you have found that.