Thursday, July 11, 2013

On the way to family camp

Thursday afternoon we headed a couple of hours southwest to family camp. There are many hundred forest fires burning around the state but there are two big ones near us. One we passed on our way to camp. We had to stop and wait for a pilot car, which was actually a truck.  We were escorted through the fire danger area. In one of the pictures you can see brown/orange trees that have been slightly burned.
Thankfully we had clear air at camp and no pilot truck on the return trip home on Saturday.  Which means the fire has either burned out or has changed direction away from the road.
We had a great time at family camp but all family camp pictures were taken with the camera and I have not turned on a computer since our arrival home. Too much laundry and weeding. I have declared war on the weeds.


  1. It hasn't been fun.

  2. Glad that it was fun. I hope the fires go out soon.