Monday, November 12, 2012

Not a Normal Site For This Family

Car schooling? Car schooling is not a term that I have ever embraced and I still don't. But Elisabeth did bring some school work along to work on during Levi's computer class today. We were stuck there because Benjamin had a fever Friday-Sunday and even though his fever has subsided he is still sick.
And I am the hat wearing woman today. It was easier than doing my hair.



  1. Quite the contrast with you all bundled up and your daughter in short sleeves, :). I hope Benjamin feels back to his ole self very soon. Our girls have always taken school work with them when we are on longer car trips. Trips to Gma's are over an hour each way which really cuts into our school week, so we do what we must. We use to call it Ford School until we got rid of our Ford.

  2. I have been known to pop in a school video and call it school for a day.

  3. We did car schooling about 5 years ago when Paul was going through some medical issues. It is an interesting thing to do, but I'm blessed we could do it.