Friday, November 2, 2012


Whew, I feel much better. I still have a sore throat but the congestion is almost gone. I had already scheduled an appointment for a physical on Monday so we will see if this still lingers on then.
The older Blessings took off with Dad this morning for a dump run. Levi came home with a baseball catchers hat face mask thingie. Yes, we shop at the dump,  there is a recycle area so no dumpster diving for this family.  This is a blessing to him, he wanted catchers gear and we found shin guards this summer used so all he needs is the chest protector. Daddy brought him a catchers glove from one of his lower 48 trips this summer. He is almost set for catching practice this spring.
I stayed home and knitted and did laundry and kept an eye on Benjamin because he wanted to stay home today.
Daddy and the big kids went out in the snow machines for a while and Benjamin did go out for a while before they came in. I made pizza braids for dinner and the girls made a salad. Elisabeth and Benjamin made brownies this afternoon. So we all had full tummies.
I learned to knit cables today. A couple of youtube videos and some trial and error I got it!!
I gave Daddy and Levi haircuts this evening and the crew and I played Yahtzee. I greatly enjoy a game of Yahtzee. It is my one weakness.


  1. Sounds like a great day. So glad you are feeling better. Your days sound so lovely. Glad you learned how to knit cables, it looks very nice. :)

  2. Nice cables! They're not so hard, huh?

    1. Not hard at all. I can honestly say that Benjamin being older has given me more time to do such things, maybe even just more brain power to want to do things.