Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our week

We are getting back into the swing of things around here, this week was heavy on projects.

First was the building of the Palace of Versailles


October2009122.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

She wanted to shingle the roof

October2009119.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Here is a battleshield  being made

October2009124.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


October2009123.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

October2009140.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


This week we also learned about Mt. Vesuvius and the Buried city of Pompeii, so we made a volcano.


October2009146.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



October2009147.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



October2009150.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


October2009155.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


Blessing #2 made a tiny treat out of a book she had, this is "breakfast"

October2009157.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Sister made one too.

October2009159.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


And, of course, here is a little guy, he is almost ready to walk.

October2009142.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

And, this is a picture that my Best Beloved took, no wonder he enjoys duck hunting, I would love to sit and look at the Alaska Range for a few hours. That is our dog, Emmy, fetching up a duck or maybe a goose, not sure. I have a plucked whole goose in my freezer, we are going to roast it up soon, or maybe to add to our Thanksgiving feast.

October2009176.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


May the Lord find us faithful.


  1. May I just mail you my kids for a month? You do such fun things! I know they'd learn a lot!

    Jenn :-)

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Just popping in to say "HI". Looks like you had a more productive week than I did - lots of fun hands-on going on at your house. You are the second person I know now that is using Winter Promise this year. Fun stuff!

    Have a good weekend. You are probably warmer there than us here. It's 39 & rainy here - all day. ttfn.

  3. Looks like the kids are having so much fun!

    We love it when we have big boxes around here, too!