Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our travels---Part One

We left Alaska on July 6th.  Getting us all packed was quite a chore but we made it and we all loaded up on the big jet plane.

july09triptolower48005.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


july09triptolower48003.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


july09triptolower48006.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

We arrived and enjoyed some cooler than normal temperatures.



july09triptolower48008.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


I love this picture of my sleeping boys.

july09triptolower48010.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Our first few days were spent playing and enjoying grandparents.

Blessing #1 and Nana playing toss across.

july09triptolower48018.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Visiting Lincoln Museum, I think this is only my second time there.

july09triptolower48021.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


july09triptolower48025.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Pa-Pa and Baby Blessing (taking a nap) at Webb's Country Cookin in Cumberland Gap, TN.

I need to get some of Pa-Pa's pictures, she took some good ones. Loretta forever!!!

july09triptolower48030.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

A really good picture of my Mom and I.

july09triptolower48032.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

The Rae's

july09triptolower48033.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

I thought I could get the whole trip in one post but that isn't going to happen. Part 2 to come. So far this is only the first two days!!!


May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Oh, that sweet baby! That picture of the big, spreading tree makes me miss. . . big spreading trees!