Saturday, July 4, 2009

July is busy

We have two birthdays in our home in July. The first one was Thursday and Blessing #2 turned nine. She has always liked ladybugs and requested a ladybug cake this year. I tried fondant for the first time. I loved using it. I am not a cake decorator nor do I pretend to be one but we enjoy making our own birthday cakes and I think that before my girl blessings get too much older they will be old pros at decorating cakes.

The finished cake the night before her birthday

july09010.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Closer look at the cake (professionals, look away!)

july09011.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Not a great pic, but she wanted a scooter  and got one. She rides it inside, we let her, we are cool that way!

july09032.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

She wanted to go ice skating, it was about 75 degrees, we went ice skating, everyone skated!

july09061.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

After skating, we had lunch at the Cookie Jar.

For dinner we had halibut and a couple of special people over for dinner.

Then, we had cake and ice cream after the birthday girl blew out the candle.

july09082.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Friday was about 85 degrees! Her is blessing #4 after trying a little water.

july09100.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



july09099.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



Then there is 4th of July a couple of days later, it was a low key day since we are preparing for a trip. I packed and did laundry today. Husband worked in the yard, mowing and cleaning up in general. We did take time out of our day to go watch the parade in North Pole. One parade participant asked us how old our baby was ( he was obviously taking a baby age survey) and then told us that our baby was the youngest baby so far that was attending the parade. Funny!

Waiting for the parade to begin. This boy needs  a bigger chair he has grown too much.

july09103.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Oh, these two are so precious to me.

july09104.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

july09107.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



july09108.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

More preciousness!!!


july09110.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Couldn't be a parade in North Pole without the town mascot.

july09111.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Some of what we saw, remember, this is a very small town!!!

july09114.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

This one was my personal favorite and new to us this year!!!

july09123.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



july09129.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Wait until you see where Blessing #1 is spending his birthday!!!



May the Lord find us faithful.


  1. Oh my goodness, what great pictures. I loved the cake. I think that is really terrific how "cool you are that way." Happy birthday to your daughter and other family member.

  2. Hey! you have another birthday. MINE. I hope I'm still family. Well, if I'm not, too bad I'll be there on Thanksgiving. Family or not. I was just telling a friend of mine about the best birthday cakes I've ever had. That Italian Cream Cake. OH MY! I'm going to have a day and night with my honey. All expense paid from a friend. So I'll be looking at motels. Jeremiah will be at camp.



  3. That ladybug cake is too cute! Your little guy seems to have a good handle on the sippy cup. We're getting there, but it just frustrates mine mostly at this point.