Friday, April 29, 2016


Life has a way of ebbing and flowing that also makes for eye opening experiences. Sometimes you can see the highest peaks clearly, just as a rare sighting of Denali while driving home from a weekend in Anchorage. 
Other times the clouds roll in and the view isn't quite as clear. 

Recently I have learned much and my eyes have been opened and the clouds have moved on and I can see clearly. 

Perspective and expectations are two things I have learned along the way. What??? 

Yes, perspective and expectations. 

What do I expect from from others and do I view situations from only my perspective? 

Expectations often cause problems in relationships. 

What do I expect of others?
Do they know my expectations of them?
Are the expectations realistic? 

This brings me to perspective. 
When expectations are not met it does pay to consider the life/situation of the other person. 

I am thankful to have finally put these two  items together in life circumstances. To remind myself that I should not expect more of others than they can give. I have also learned that I may not know what someone else is going through and why they make the decisions they make. I should give others the benefit of the doubt.  


  1. Yes perspective AND expectations of others has greatly changed in the last 4 years. I've learned who are true friends and who falls by the way side. Funny thing is, I find that my life is simpler when the weeds are thinned...

  2. Wisdom! And it goes along so well with the changes that I have to make in my perspective and expectations having an 18 year old in the house!!!

  3. Sounds very wise. That is a great picture of you.