Monday, August 17, 2015

Beginning Anew

Today is the first day of the 2015-2016 school year. The day did not go as planned. I overslept, I did not make sure my phone alarm was set for Monday. I must be more attentive. 

I only made Benjamin do the first day picture because of the delayed start. Sigh, I want to do big first days starts with big hoorays and special meals and pictures but this year I am just happy to begin. 

I had my breakfast while Benjamin worked on his calendar. Pumpkin muffin in a mug. 

Drawing for fun.

Judith is doing an online science this year and Levi is reading American Government. 

Levi had to have his wire and bands reattached after his double root canal this weekend. Makes for an odd first day of school. 

Back home and reading games with Benjamin. 

Working on an orderly school table with what we need easily accessible. I am using the wooden box to hold his water to avoid water on the table, condensation ya know. The Hershey cocoa powder canister is for table trash. Our school trash can met an untimely demise this summer. 

Big sister brought Benjamin a smoothie as he was finishing his reading lesson.

And this is where the pictures stopped, there were attitudes and adjustments and then I made dinner. I was thankful that tonight was my Mom's Night Out evening with my homeschool Mamas!!!

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