Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Slump

January is my slump month, or maybe recovery month, or it is dark and cold so I stay home month. Whatever it is, I rarely leave home and I am happy about it. 

Elisabeth had an appointment so we left the house, it was cold, we were bundled.

Benjamin and I had some art time with pastels one afternoon while we were having our FIAR read with Madeline. 

My art


  1. Great art projects. Looks like you are having fun while staying indoors. :)

  2. Running errands today was indeed less than pleasant!

  3. Oh, I love those drawings. I was reading about northern climate countries and the different ways they embrace winter in order to survive long, dark, cold winters. I like the Danish way best. They slow down, invite people over to comfort meals in front of a warm fire or read books or watch movies. They emphasize cozy and family. I am all for this mindset! Hunker down, friend, and pull in the family. I imagine this keeps them healthier, too.

    1. The Danish way seems lovely. Now to get my husband over his cold and invite someone over for comfort food.

  4. I'm sorry about the slump and hope that you find more excitement in the coming months. Lovely art work :)