Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving through today

Yep, 1) we took a selfie in the middle of a store and 2) we went black Friday shopping and 3) I have never been an enjoyer of black Friday shopping.

But, half of socks at Fred's will get me out every year I have twelve feet to cover. Half price socks and tights people. I am in. 

The sky, I took this picture for the sky. I cannot  figure out where this is, just look at the sky. 

The tree topper this year. 

Benjamin went to the birthday party of a friend and there was this baby, I got her to sleep. We are BFFs. 

Skiing has commenced and has done wonders for dealing with darkness. The thirty to forty-five minutes a day outside is wonderful. 

Random fact, we will begin gaining daylight soon, we are almost to the top of the hump.

The girls made gingerbread cookies for a cookie swap. 

We hosted the cookie swap with the help of another family. Fun times. 

We had hot cocoa floats as a drink option. I LOVE hot cocoa floats. We used mint chocolate chip Bryers ice cream, NOT the green kind, white ice cream. Try it you will love it. And don't forget the whipped cream.

A birthday happened. Benjamin turned six, where has the time gone?

Our North Pole Mc Donald's was torn down and rebuilt so we had birthday lunch at the newly opened place. Nice, I liked the combination of McDonald's and North Pole. The big picture on the wall is of the Santa Claus house. 

Benjamin had his two buds from Sunday School over for pizza and cupcakes. 

Today we had recess, everyone outside. The kids did the sled thing while I skiied. 

Now you know what we have been up to.


  1. I love your selfie. I'm way too self conscience and wish I took more selfies with my family. I think your selfie is proof you survived Black Friday, I head lots didn't. :0)
    That pink sky is amazing!! I love your tree topper, so pretty. Your cookie swap looks like it was fun and I love the back lit tables.
    Oh yea, and Happy birthday to Benjamin!

  2. You have been having lots of fun up there!!! :) I was thinking about your lack of sunlight and how it should be starting to change for the better soon. I look forward to that as well. I wish I could hibernate all winter. I cannot believe your baby is 6. Mine is 13!! We have been blogging a LONG time now, friend!!

  3. Sounds like things are going well for you. Happy birthday to Benjamen. Glad you are getting out an enjoying the outdoors when you can.

  4. That skyline is beautiful! I don't venture out on Black Friday anymore -- did it twice and now just try to shop from home :) You are brave! Love all your festivities :)