Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sorry for the poor photo quality but the moose processing has brought out the big folding table. How timely, this table also comes out for Thanksgiving and now I am finally in a Thanksgiving Day mood. 

This photo also reminds me that daily living is messy. 

Much of school happened in the kitchen today
due to the canning of moose meat. The first meat we have ever canned. So far so good. 

Canned meat is not pretty, maybe there should be opaque jars for such things. 

There is more meat to be processed. All that we had time to do yesterday was the bag of meat, ya know backstrap and tenderloin and whatever else isn't attached to a leg bone, and one hindquarter.

More processing tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow is our first Saturday. 


  1. I'm jealous! You have MOOSE!!!!!!
    Lynn M.

  2. Sounds like a lot of processing, but I'm sure it's such a blessing when it's all done. :)

  3. Daily life is messy, for all of us "normal" folk. BTW, happy canning. I didn't even know you could can meat. Interesting!