Saturday, June 24, 2017

Out and About

 Well, here I am. I found my blog. So much has been going on here in the Last Frontier. The biggest changes are that our oldest is moving away to start an internship with a media company. Never fear, he is still in Alaska. How amazing is that??? After his summer work on the river he will begin a one year internship learning about video production.  The other big change in our family is that I spent the winter working on getting my teacher certification and I have accepted a position as an advisory teacher with a school district and I will be working with home educating families. Yes, I will still be educating my children at home. Life will be a bit different as I will have the job responsibilities but this is just the fit for our family at this season of life.

Top photo: A waterfall in Valdez, Alaska

I attended a Math for Teachers Course at the end of May and one of our activities for the class was kayaking to Valdez Glacier. Alaskans do a great job when it comes to professional development for educators. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


After voting on Tuesday morning I was driving into town for a meeting when I saw what looked like a rainbow, in November, in Alaska. I didn't think it could be, but it was. A rainbow. In November. In Alaska. 
I was shocked, I was amazed. Then I rejoiced and I praised God who sent a reminder that He NEVER leaves us and He keeps His promises.
What started out as a dreary day ended up quite a good day because I had a reminder of what is important, what is real and what is true and what is just.

One thing this election year yielded was an interest in what is going on in Our Country by my teens. They actually seemed more interested in the results than the adults in the house on Tuesday night. Our oldest Blessing also voted for the first time, what is up with that? Time moves on, quite quickly I do say. I didn't even take his picture at our polling place.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Expectations, we all have them. Benjamin has expectations that are very different from mine. 
Benjamin asked to build things using cardboard this school year. Things like the Eiffel Tower. My expectations include lots of tedious work, measuring, cutting, gluing, painting; this means projects may not even get started because I may never begin due to expectations.  Benjamin just wants some cardboard and scotch tape. I'm learning to go with his expectations. 

This week we are "rowing" The Giraffe That Walked to Paris. Benjamin is enjoying the blank hardback book we are filling with information we are learning from the books we are reading. 
He plans on selling copies of his book in his Lego store when he is grown up. 

Then he asked to build something so we went with the Egyptian pyramids. 

My expectation was that this would take a long time. No it did not. In just a few minutes he had cut out the sides and they were glued down. A little scotch tape and he is happy and has moved on to Legos or other such fun thing. 

Benjamin is learning geography, history, art appreciation, language arts and much more and Mom is learning to go with the flow, let go and let a seven year old's expectations become mine because his expectations are pretty easy. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September Equals Fall

My view today. I took the day off and sat on the couch all day. 

My husband went on a sheep hunt.

His hunting partner got his first sheep. 

Their view from the hunt.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Five in a Row-- The Rag Coat

Five in a Row has long been a favorite of mine. Last year we did other things but this year I am bringing it back and we are working on The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills today. We read this book last year and did a couple of activities but today we finish it up. 
I cry every single time I read this book. 

We have the map out and we are labeling states in the Appalachian mountains. We are also learning about forgiveness, grief, wisdom and kindness. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

North Pole Fitness and Nature Trails

What does home education look like around our place these days? Well, we are down to three students. We have slowly started working back into our studies around here. I really should name our little home academy. 
Monday was the official day of daily school. The girls have started about 80% of their school and Benjamin is at 90. I am waiting for one more box for him. 

I am working on schedules for meetings, classes and Eisabeth has a two afternoon a week job and I have accepted a very part time job with our homeschool program as a K4 person. 

Today Benjamin asked if we could do the fitness trail in our little town of North Pole. So we did. This trail system has five stations in which one can stop and do various warm-ups, exercises and cool downs. Pretty neat. 

The oh so necessary selfie

Mom as the caboose with the crew up ahead

Beaver Springs Slough

I thought I smelled those highbush cranberries. 

I just learned yesterday that North Pole has this little nature trail. Where have I been???

After the outing we returned home to hit the books. Once I completed my teaching tasks I was out in the garden to harvest more green beans. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

We Are Camping

Valdez, Alaska was our destination on this July weekend. We made it and it is raining. We knew the forecast was calling for rain so we came prepared. We have a slide in camper so my husband put up a tarp awning. 

Our view

One of the best camping things we have ever bought is this Coleman camp stove. 
My husband has sung its praises for quite some time. Tonight I am cooking chicken enchiladas for the crew after they fish for a while.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Things Never Go As Planned

Things never go as planned... 
and that's okay. Actually, that is life. 

When I looked ahead to summer I thought of all of the cleaning, organizing, books I planned on reading, swing setting while Benjamin played in the yard, chair sitting while Benjamin played at the lake, gardening, etc. You get picture. My summer book list has only one book marked off, and that is okay. I can read in the winter. 

I also haven't done much swing setting or lake sitting until this week because the weather and/or schedule haven't agreed with each other. This week has been a scorcher. The airport recorded 100 degrees yesterday. Now that is crazy hot! 
We went to Benjamin's friend's soccer game tonight, yes we chose a hot night for soccer watching. At 7:15 the temperature was 91 degrees. 

Benjamin loved his time at the lake. 

Even though I have not accomplished everything on my summer expectation list much as been done and we have had some relaxing days at home as well. 

We have a few salmon in the freezer, the man will have to go again to get us set for the winter. 

Tuesday when we went to the lake I got a little too much sun. Since I am avoiding all sunscreen today I had to use a hat, clothing and an umbrella to protect the parts that were over exposed on Tuesday. 

Even though things have not happened to my expectations the summer has been a good one and most days are productive days. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Book

My high school English teacher wrote a book. How exciting is that??? Here is the link of you are inclined to read the book and leave a review. 

My review: I was interested in the book because it is historical fiction based on a relative of the author. The book doesn't present everything in pretty little packages with a happily ever after ending. The book just tells the story of a life and the struggles that life brought during the time the main character lived.

No affiliate link here just the link to the book.